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Nowadays, everyone wants their resume to be modern and simple. A clean and attractive resume will help the interviewer easily to find out about your profile and skills. Today, everyone is busy with their works and do not have time to make a professional looking resume. So, we made a professional and clean resume template in adobe photoshop which is fully customizable.

If you are not familiar with adobe photoshop, see the procedure below and make your own modern resume. We also have some adobe photoshop tutorial on our website and YouTube channel, so make sure to watch this videos.

Font used: Oswald

  • How to edit this template:

After downloading the template, you need to extract the .rar file to get the photoshop template file. Then open the file in adobe photoshop by double click on the file or drag the file into photoshop. Now it will look like this

We organize all the layers in separate groups with a title so it is easy for you to navigate and edit the layers you want

Change Profile Picture:

Next, to change the profile picture, just open the “BG” group by clicking on the little arrow icon then double click on the “Your Image” layer thumbnail. It will open a separate document. Now click on the image layer and hit delete on your keyboard.

Now, drag and drop your image in the same document and place it above the circle. To adjust the image with the page size, click CTRL+T on your keyboard to activate transform tool and adjust the image with the page size and hit Enter.

Now, right click on your image and click “create clipping mask”. It will clip your image to the (below layer) circle layer and save the document by clicking CTRL+S or go to file and click “Save”.

Change the color:

You can also change the color of this template. Just open the “BG” group and then double click on the thumbnail of “Left Column” or “Top Row” layer and then you can change it to any color you want from the color picker window.

Edit Title and Text:

To edit the name or title or any text of this document just open the “All Text” group from the layer panel and then double click on the T (text thumbnail) of any text layer you want to edit.

To edit the font size, font family or color of the font, you need to open the “Character” dialogue box. If you cannot see the “Character” box by default, here is the way to open it.

Click on “Window” from the dropdown menu on the top and then click on “Character”.

Change Skills Bar:

May you also need to change the skills bar, so to do that first open the “Skills” group then open the sub group (Example: JavaScript Skill). Then click on the blue color rectangle layer and press CTRL+T to transform the layer.

Save the documents:

To save document as PSD file just use this shortcut this CTRL+S or if you want to save the file in jpg format then go to file and click “Save As…” (CTRL+Shift+S) then choose the location where you want to save the file then change the “File type as” JPEG and click Save.

A new box will open, just increase the quality to maximum and hit ok.


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